Matt Courtney President Great River Firearms Training Inc.

My firearm and firearms instructor experience comes from the Marine Corps where I was a rifle/pistol marksmanship coach, Pacific Division Match Shooter and Range Safety Officer. I have conducted, organized and been responsible for combat shotgun familiarization courses, squad and platoon sized live fire assault courses, numerous rifle and pistol qualification courses. I also carried out waterborne live fire training with the M2 .50 caliber machine gun, MK19 40mm grenade launcher and M240G machine gun from the Riverine Assault Craft during operations in United States and Panama. With help from several other senior Sergeants we developed a 3 gun fire and maneuver course that members of our battalion completed in advance of deploying to Iraq in 2004. In that course of fire Marines engaged targets from 100 yards or more and then moved down range while transitioning to their shotgun and finally to a pistol at point blank range. This course of fire was similar to one I completed in Thailand during one of my four overseas deployments. I also was given the opportunity introduce a similar live fire course to law enforcement officers while volunteering my time during a local LEO Sniper Week.
During my time in the Marines I was a Marine Security Guard at a Naval Nuclear Weapons Storage depot, infantryman, Riverine Assault Craft Captain, Marine Scout Sniper and a Combat Veteran of Iraq. My weapons qualifications included the M1911 .45cal and M92 9mm, M-16A2 and A4, M203 grenade launcher, M82A1A SASR aka Barrett .50 cal and the M40A1 Sniper Rifle. I am also a licensed Florida non-resident Concealed Carry holder and an avid yet not always successful hunter…
What I’m saying is when this course rolls out I will do my darnedest to keep you awake and have some fun/interesting conversations! There is a chance that I will offer training in the future for folks that like/love their AR-15’s, SKS and AK styled firearms.
Again this is only an initial look at scheduling the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course and I am hopeful that in the months ahead I will be able to provide the entire Illinois Concealed Carry Course. The NRA course will be provided in the immediate Quincy area. For residents not immediately in Quincy I will look at travelling to outlying communities. There are some basic shooting requirements so a legitimate range is needed. Do your part and check out the link below for more information about Illinois Concealed Carry.

Phil Alexander V.P.  Great River Firearms Training Inc.

I have been a shooter and hunter for almost all my life.
My parents bought me my first BB gun at age 6 and my first single shot 22 rifle at 13.
In the 80’s and 90’s I was a range safety officer and instructional trainer at the Masters International Shooting Championships in Barry where I taught new and first time shooters how to handle firearms and shoot them correctly.
I have been an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor for over 20 years and look forward to joining forces with my two partners in Great River Firearms Training.

Bob McClintock V.P. Great River Firearms Training Inc.

I started coon hunting with my uncles at age 4 but they mostly carried me.When I was 5 yrs old I started rabbit hunting with my
BB gun following the my family members that’s when I got hooked and have been hunting every since.
I worked in Personal Protection for 5 years.
I taught Hunter Safety classes for DNR 33 years. I am now a NRA Pistol Safety Instructor and Range Safety Officer.