NRA Certified Basic Pistol Shooting Course
 Illinois Concealed Carry Program

We have a Great class schedule!
Thank you all for your interest and support of Great River Firearms Training, Inc. Many of you have all ready taken our course and I would like to thank you! Congratulations on completing the course and earning your Concealed Carry Course Training Certificate.

Our classrooms are located at the Quincy Mall Room 432A which is next to Jo Ann Fabrics.
This is the former site of the Armed Forces Recruiting Station.
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Illinois, MO, IA, FL Concealed Carry
+Basic or Introduction to and Advanced Firearms Training

The instructors of GREAT RIVER FIREARMS TRAINING, Inc are taking reservations for shooters interested in the Illinois Concealed Carry License. Our training center is located next to JoAnn Fabrics (423A North 32nd St.) at the Quincy Mall and live fire training is conducted in the immediate Quincy area on the dates listed below:

 • Jan 9th, 10th, 11th, (5:30p-10p) and Jan 13th (7:30a-noon)      

• Feb 13th, 14th, 15th, (5:30p-10p) and Feb 17th (7:30a-noon)   
• Mar 13th, 14th, 15th, (5:30p-10p) and Mar 17th (7:30a-noon)

• Apr 17th, 18th, 19th, (5:30p-10p) and Apr 21th (7:30a-noon)   

Modern Sporting Rifle, Shotgun and Long Distance Precision Training Available
* RKBA Gun Range 1310 North 1500th Avenue (Ellington Rd.) *
Phil Alexander, Matt Courtney and Robert McClintock are NRA and ILLINOIS STATE POLICE approved Instructors and Range Safety Officers with over 70 years of combined firearms training/range experience from the military, civilian, and law enforcement community.
16 Hours--$175 8 Hours--$100 Vets--$75
Prorated fees apply for approved experience and past or present military personnel.
We are a Veteran Owned Company.
Matt217-617-2608 / Phil217-430-6749 / Bob217-430-4866